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What Is Felix Foundation?

 Felix Foundation is an N.G.O registered and based in Accra, Ghana with over 20 years national and international experience.  We have locally based staff who are trained to international standards.  Felix Foundation with donor funding form RNLI has adopted culturally specific approach to help reduce drowning in Ghana. The Aquatic Survival Program (ASP) and the Community Sensitization Program (CSP) aims at saving lives and reducing death caused by drowning through awareness creation and training. With more funding, this Program can be accompanied by basic self-survival and rescue skills .Since the inception of the Program we have trained more than 8,000 people in more than 200 schools.

In the year 2016, Felix Foundation in collaboration with the National, disaster management organization (NADMO) invited the  International Surf lifesaving Association (ISLA)  and  Life Guard Without Borders to conduct the first ever Ocean lifeguard course in Ghana. The Program attracted trainers from the USA, Canada, Costa Rica and Australia and over 120 personal  form NADMO , Ghana Red Cross ,Ghana Marine cadet Corps, 48 Engineers Regiment, ZOIL, Ghana  Lifesaving and Diving Association , Ghana National Fire service, Marine police, Ghana Navy and Labadi beach Lifeguards.

Following the ISLA lifeguarding training, the National Aquatic Rescue Unit (GNARU) was formed by Felix Foundation in collaboration of all the organizations that took part in 2016 training–The unite deploys trained beach lifeguard do beaches during holidays and festive occasion. The rational is to help reduce death caused by drowning which we mostly hear after festive occasion in Ghana.

It is the long term goal of Felix Foundation to have the Government of Ghana incorporate Aquatic Survival Program (A.S. P) into the National Curriculum.

Our Mission

At Felix Foundation, we want to create a world where everyone especially, young people flourish and are encouraged to experiment, grow, and learn through playing safely in and around water bodies.

Who Are We?

We are a social enterprise based in Accra with over 25 years national and international experience. We have locally based staff trained to international standards.   Felix Fitness and Sports Academy is a group of companies incorporating fee-paying services delivered by Felix Fitness  and our charity; Felix Foundation which focus on water safety and aquatic survival. 

10% of profits raised by Felix Fitness goes to Felix Foundation.  Felix Fitness/ Felix Foundation are related to Royal National Lifesaving Institute (R.N.L.I.), International Surf Lifesaving Association (ISLA), IQL UK Trainer Assessors, Amateur Swimming Association (UK), YMCA (UK), Football Association (FA), Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI), Exercise Professionals,  Lifeguards Without BordersRoyal Lifesaving Society (UK), American Red Cross, Ghana Ambulance Service, Ghana Red Cross  and Active Lifestyle & Wellness Association of Ghana (ALWAG).

  * We are recognized as a leading aspirational brand and selected to lead Barclays Bank, Ghana prosperity campaign

  * In March 2012, we were selected and supported by Reach for Change Ghana and Tigo (Millicom Ghana) to transform the lives of children in Ghana through drowning prevention.


Felix Uzor
The Founder
The Founder, Director and Chief Instructor – Felix Uzor is a UK qualified Sport Scientist, YMCA Level 3 Personal Trainer, YMCA Level 2 Gym Instructor and Aerobics instructor, Amateur Swimming Association Level 2 Swimming Instructor, Royal Life Saving Society qualified Lifeguard, F.A Level 2 Football Coach, PADI level 2 Diver, certified in open water rescue, EMT and Royal National Lifeboat Institute (UK) Future Leader 2014 graduate.
Holison Dickson
The secretary to Medina House of chiefs and currently the community Ambassador of the Aquatic Survival Programme who is passionate and a devoted individual who want to help support the good work of the Foundation by spreading the news among the people within the community. He played key role in organizing a drowning prevention durbar within medina community.

Winfred Teshie
Mr. Teshia has been instrumental in contributing to the success of Felix foundation. Currently is the Director of operation for NADMO. Mr. Teshia played a lead role in organizing the first ever ocean life guard course in Ghana in 2016 by ISLS in partnership with NADMO. His rich experience and expertise has been brought to bear in helping Felix foundation identify flood prone area in Ghana were intervention are implemented to help curb death caused by drowning /flooding . Aquatic Survival Project (ASP) is the name of the design intervention.

Emmanuel Lamptey
Is the second in command for the Ghana marine caret corp. Mr. lamptey has been instrumental in the training life guard Prior to every national holiday , Felix foundation train lifeguards who are deployed to various beach and Mr. Lamptey have been instrument in the act of training life guards with his team. Devoted individual who want to help support the good work of the Foundation by spreading the news among the people within the community

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